Edge 1040 solar


Have an edge on your next ride. From tarmac, to backroads, to trails, wherever your bike takes you, the Edge 1040 will get you where you're going, and tell you all about how you got there. An improved GPS chipset takes care of all of your speed and distance data. Free detailed maps make planning routes for your next ride, or your next tour, nice and simple. And an updated user interface and faster processor have made swiping through the 1040 more intuitive than ever. Longtime Garmin users will appreciate little touches, like a machined aluminum quarter-turn mount, and the change to USB-C. When connected to the free Garmin Connect™ app you can use your favourite fitness apps, receive notifications, download training plans and personalize daily workouts, review activities, and even keep an eye on the weather.

  • Free global maps, with North America preloaded and more regions downloadable, for turn-by-turn routing to local points of interest, including cycling specific features like bike shops
  • Point of interest navigation lets you search for places like restaurants, attractions, hospitals, accommodation and more
  • Up ahead feature shows upcoming cafes, viewpoints, etc. and provides ETA
  • Popularity routing uses Garmin Connect’s database of rider’s routes and tracks to let you ride local, anywhere you go
  • Cycling ability and course demands uses data from previous rides on the 1040 to classify your ability level, when you load a course the course demands will compare that level to the course’s terrain, giving you an idea of how hard or how easy you'll find the ride
  • ClimbPro™ mode shows grade, total ascent, remaining ascent and elevation profile
  • Mountain biking dynamics include specific metrics, jumps: hangtime, distance and speed, grit: overall trail difficulty, and flow: a score of how smoothly you rode the trail
  • TrailForks™ integration for access to TrailForks trail database without a cell connection
  • ForkSight mode uses TraliForks data when you get to a fork, telling about your choices, e.g., trail rating, distance, elevation, etc
  • Strava Segment integration (requires premium) preloaded or on-the-fly through your phone, shows starred segments and results
  • LiveTrack share your course with contacts
  • GroupTrack displays the location and telemetry of contacts using compatible Garmin devices, you can even send pre-set messages within your group
  • Training plan takes you through the details of your ride: weather – including the recommended clothing for the conditions, food and water requirements based on your fitness levels – even providing reminders of when you should drink and eat, and much more
  • Environmental factors like heat and altitude acclimation are taken into consideration when calculating performance and recovery metrics
  • Training status and daily suggested workouts help you optimize your training, guiding you where you need to push and where you may need to dial it back
  • Physiological metrics includes VO2 max estimate, lactate threshold, race predictor, recovery advisor and performance indicator (requires not included heartrate chest strap)
  • Incident detection uses accelerometers to detect accident and uses you phone to send a signal to predefined emergency contacts
  • inReach® compatibility provides messaging and SOS support when you ride takes you away from cell signal
  • Multiband signal reception and expanded GNSS support (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) and caches satellite positions, giving you a fast connection and a strong GPS signal anywhere
  • Shimano Steps e-bike integration displays, range, battery status, gearing, and more
  • Trainer support provides ride data during your indoor training sessions when using a compatible smart trainer
  • Connect IQ support allows you to download apps, templates, data fields, and other features
  • In the box: Edge 1040, mounts (standard and extended out-front), USB cable, tether and manuals

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