Dual air G30/160 floor pump



A clever track pump that's optimized to work with both low-pressure/high volume (mtb) and also low-volume/high-pressure (road) scenarios

- The ingenious dual-stage gauge provides large-scale, high-resolution 0.5PSI-accuracy from 0-30PSI, before converting to regular, lower resolution scale for the remaining 30-160PSI
- A must-have for any multi-bike household
- Stable Steel base & barrel body with a high-strength steel pump shaft and 100cm premium quality hose
- Headrush dual-valve connector is compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves without disassembly and built-in bleed valve allows for easy adjustments
- Easy view 3 dual-stage gauge
- 160PSI maximum pressure
- Weight: 1730g

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