Fluid FS 4

Black Friday fever. 
We only have a few but you can order the other color in other sizes directly from Norcos website
Thread the Needle
Intuitive precision handling to pick the perfect line.
Engineered using the same Norco technology and process as our top-tier Trail bikes to give you the ride of your life no matter what path you follow.
The Fluid FS A4's 130mm travel is precision engineered, pairing custom tuned suspension components with 140mm fork travel and boutique level fit & finish for maximum Trail performance & potential.
Top-tier design and features over-deliver as skills evolve.
6061 aluminum frame gives experienced Trail riders what they need to ride their best and helps evolving riders develop new skills and preferences without limits.</p>
Custom Tuned Suspension Sophisticated suspension components for full-platform performance and tunability.
Precision-engineered 130mm rear suspension features custom-tuned dampers co-developed with the shock manufacturers provides fully customized suspension setup and performance for every rider.

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