Take Your KICKR to the Next Level. KICKR CLIMB takes KICKR indoor riding to the next level by adding physical grade changes to your ride, preparing you to take on the toughest challenges and tallest mountains. The world isn’t flat; now, neither is your ride!

• Elevated Ride Feel: The KICKR CLIMB quickly raises and lowers your bike to match ascents of up to 20% grade and descents of -10% when paired with your KICKR, KICKR CORE or KICKR SNAP. Climbing workouts and virtual courses are now more realistic than ever as the KICKR CLIMB recreates the grade changes in real time.
• Power Position: The KICKR CLIMB physically adjusts your bike position to mimic real roads and mountain climbing. This allows you to naturally change position on the bike, engage climbing muscles and improve pedaling technique while indoors, to become a more efficient and powerful climber outdoors.
• Ride Engaged: Connect to the most popular online training programs to create a truly immersive ride experience. Whether riding a virtual course or performing a structured workout, KICKR CLIMB blends physical grade changes with resistance changes to take your indoor ride to the next level.
• The Complete System: KICKR CLIMB was specifically designed to work with the KICKR, KICKR CORE & KICKR SNAP Smart Trainers to deliver the best possible indoor riding experience.


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