Vee Crown GEM Tire

Great knobby kids tire

27.5 is Tubeless ready. 16"-24" are not Tubeless

Crown Gem is a fast, fully knobbed cross-county/trail tire that’s ideal for quick, aggressive riding in a collection of conditions. By taking its standard full volume carcass and turning it into plus size they created the ultimate dry to loam all-mountain and enduro tire where both climbing and descending speed is of the essence. It has an aggressive yet fast center knob pattern for undeniable traction with slightly taller side knobs for stable and predictable cornering. With the Crown Gem  one of the only brands to make a full spec plus-sized gravity tire that covers all wheel diameters, from 29er all the down to a youth 20-inch.

  • Aggressive Tread Design
  • Enhanced Steering Performance
  • Off Camber Grip
  • Low Rolling Resistance
  • Excellent Float
  • Great for blocked trails or loose snow

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