Top tube rack adapter

The Buzz Rack Buzz Grip is used on bikes with no cross-bar, or a very low cross-bar and are unable to hang on a 2 arm bike rack.
The grip fits from the saddle post to the handlebar and provides a hanging area on the carrier so the bike can be easily transported.


  • Installs quickly and securely on a wide range of bikes

  • Length adjustment: 37 cm at its shortest to 75 cm maximum
  • Keeps your bike mounted solidly on single and dual arm bike racks

  • Keeps the bike level and away from the road or exhaust pipe.
  • Large diameter tubing and anti-rotation inserts for stability

  • Larger molded collars are gentle with your bike stem and seat post         Length of collar: Front approx 110 mm, Rear approx 90 mm                     Width of collar: Front 53 mm, Rear 34 mm

  • Bike Capacity: 1 bike weighing up to 20 kg

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