Tacx Neo Bike Smart Trainer

 Tired of switching bikes with your wife's on your smart trainer and/or ruining your fancy carbon bike?.

Maybe more on the way?


The brand new Tacx Neo Bike Smart is a revolutionary Smart stationary bike that offers all the great training features and the advantages of using an integrated bike with the benefits of a modern smart trainer. It uses the same motor unit as the regular Tacx Neo Smart trainer, but with shifters for great feel and support for the app of your choice. The Neo Bike Smart comes with an integrated screen that shows you all the right training information.

Everything from crank length, saddle and handlebar is adjustable. You can even use you own saddle and handlebar, or add clip-on bars is you wish to do so. There is a specific spot where to put your tablet or phone, while 2 USB jacks allow you to charge them via the power generated by the bike. It's really clever!

Main features:
  • Offers the same power, resistance and accuracy and the Tacx Neo Smart
  • Can be used with or without electric power *somes features not available when unplugged
  • Gear Feel technology – Gear shifters on the handlebar
  • You can program any chainring/cassette combination
  • Fonctionning brakes on the bars
  • Screen that displays gearing, power, heart rate
  • Comes with 2 handlebar fans
  • Can hold a tablet or a phone
  • 2x USB charging ports
  • Internal battery that charges while training
  • Adjustable saddle and handlebar position and height
  • Adjustable crank lengths: 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm
  • Standard road-bike q-factor


Adjustable Resistance Via app
Communication Technology Ant+, Bluetooth Smart
Electronic Support Required Yes
Brands Tacx
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years
Maximum Resistance 2200 watts
Resistor Type Electromagnetic
Weight 110 lbs / 50 kg

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