Stumpjumper Comp Carbon

The Stumpjumper has it all

Unmatched chassis kinematics, exceptional handling, perfectly matched rigidity - the Stumpjumper Comp has everything in abundance. With a high-quality full carbon frame, which is rounded off by an uncomplicated structure, you have the ultimate trail bike.


  • 130mm of travel that tames the trail: Even the largest travel is useless without the right kinematics, which is why Specialized them in the foreground when developing the Stumpjumper design. With the knowledge gained from the enduro chassis design and more than 1,000 hours of development work on the trail and in the chassis laboratory, they have significantly improved the performance when pedaling uphill and at the same time created a powerful, efficient and lively bike that every biker longs for. In addition, the anti-squat behavior has been increased so that the chassis is more resistant to bobbing. Angular obstacles are now also better swallowed, which means that less speed is lost. Conclusion? The Stumpjumper rocks every trail downhill in a controlled manner and yet climbs every ascent with ease
  • Progressive geometry: The S-Sizing geometry of the new Stumpjumper hits the sweet spot exactly. Long, low, flat, a fork with little offset, a steeper seat tube angle - all of these make your ride a better experience. With the adjustable flip chip, you can adapt the bike to all conditions and ensure that your Stumpjumper is perfectly matched to every terrain
  • Rider-First Engineered ™: Rider-First Engineered ™ frames use a frame size-dependent approach to keep the riding characteristics identical across all sizes. Regardless of whether you are a small S1 rider or the giant on the S6 bike - the driving characteristics remain the same. Cornering as if on rails and balanced stiffness between the front and rear wheels. All of this with a phenomenal frame weight of 2,250 grams (S-Works, with shock)
  • SWAT ™: When Specialized the SWAT ™ box on the Stumpjumper in 2016, they increased the storage space and from now on had enough space for puncture protection equipment. With the new Stumpjumper, Specialized has retained the same design features, but increased the volume and added a SWAT ™ bladder that allows you to hide an additional 650 ml of water in your down tube. Yes, the bubble is the same size as a small bottle

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