350 RL electric assist kit

The Bionx S350  is a popular Bionx conversion kit for riders into hill climbing or off-road adventures. Bionx's 350 watt motor is a powerhouse of acceleration, directly amplifying your pedal strokes to propel your bike up the steep stuff with amped-up proportional assistance.

S350DL – 350W high torque motor, downtube mounted 48V long range battery

The Bionx S350 DL battery and motor are black with aspace-saving new battery shape. The system can be installed on a tandem, folding bike or recumbent; any bicycle with an external shifting system. Gearing installation is easy with a threaded freewheel.  Choose a multi-speed freewheel to match your bike’s gears.

Ride long distances with no worries knowing that you’ll have the power you need, whenever you need it.

The Bionx Lithium Manganese rechargeable battery is safe, stable, light, and extremely compact. A single charge of the battery can last up to 50 miles or more when using the regeneration mode. The battery itself is easily installed using water bottle mounts. It locks into place with a unique key and can be removed within seconds for charging on or off the bike. Mounted near the center of your bicycle’s handlebars, the Bionx Command Console is equipped with a microprocessor that provides both assistance and generation modes. Other features include back lighting, speedometer, multifunction odometer, battery gauge, stress meter, and diagnostic modes. For security, the Command Console is easily removed to take with you when parking your bike.



48 Volt – 6.6 Ah, downtube mounted

Motor Power

350 Watt

Motor Control

Thumb Throttle, Torque Pedal Assist


9.0/40.0 Nm

Wheel size

20 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 700c / 29 inch


14.1 lbs


Up to 100 kms


Two years





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