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Pit stop

Pit stop

By Vittoria

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A Vittoria Pit Stop canister is about 6 inches long and 1&1/4 inches in diameter fits well in a jersey pocket or most bike bags. The Pit Stop canister weighs 80 grams, the same weight as two energy gel packets. Carrying Vittoria Pit Stop is easier than carrying a spare inner tube, tire levers, CO2 inflator and patch kit.

The idea behind Vittoria Pit Stop is that you donâ t have to change a flat tire. You simply inject the gas/foam mixture into the tire when you flat and get back on your bike. The attraction of this is obvious: No tools, no necessity to remove the wheel from the bike or the tire from the wheel. You donâ t need to know how to change a flat. You just shoot the stuff in the tire and go.

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