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Pioneer Left crank arm

Pioneer Left crank arm

By Pioneer

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We do not stock this arm since there are multiple length variants. But can special order from our distributor and have it in 4 days.

Knowledge is Power and Power is Knowledge

Once upon a time, heart rate, cadence, speed, and distance were only metrics that mattered to competitive road racers, triathletes, and overall endurance junkies. Today, more and more dedicated cyclists are using tools for measuring and analyzing power output. Power is now considered to be the chief figure in cycling for deciphering and improving fitness levels, and Pioneer is seeking to make it easier and more affordable than ever with their unique and complete power meter system.

Pioneer’s power meters and Cycle-Computers are what you get when a repute consumer-based electronics company’s R&D engineering team decides to do something about its unyielding passion for cycling. Looking to its 75 years of producing electronics, Pioneer partnered with the Belkin Pro cycling Team for more than a year of relentless racing to ensure it received ample feedback and credible sample sizes. In doing so, Pioneer has produced some of the highest quality products for cyclist’s who pride themselves on performing under the most intense racing and training conditions. Pioneer’s system includes all of the tools for on-the-bike data collection and monitoring, as well as the software to conduct post-ride analysis.

Pioneer SGY-PM90 Dura-Ace 9000 Power Meter Crankset

The Pioneer Dura-Ace Crankset takes the most advanced and comprehensive power meter on the market and seamlessly integrates it into Shimano’s crown jewel Dura-Ace 9000 crankset. Knowing that performance-oriented roadies demand specific crank arm lengths and ring configurations, the pre-installed Dura-Ace Power Meter crankset is available in 172.5mm or 175mm arm lengths. By utilizing dual strain gauges (one on each left/right crank arm), Pioneer is distinct from all other power meter manufacturers in that they are not only able to illustrate independent power data from both legs, but also then transmit that information 12 times (every 30 degrees) per revolution. Such a revolutionary crankset also calls for dual Accelerometers in each crank arm that measure force direction.

When used with a Pioneer Cycle Computer, these measurements allow you to visually monitor force, force direction and pedaling efficiency in real time, meaning you can see how power is being distributed in each pedal rotation and where power deficiencies are located within the stroke. While the system also displays the torque and force angle of each rotation, it also provides the other key metrics including heart rate, elevation, cadence, and speed. All Pioneer Cycle Computers include the Cyclo-Sphere analysis tool which allows post-ride data analysis of up to 199 data points for each uploaded ride, providing the most comprehensive knowledge base of every moment of every ride. With Wi-Fi built into Pioneer’s Cycle Computers, the data automatically uploads into your Cylo-Sphere Cloud, allowing you to get straight to analyzing with no time wasted.

If a Pioneer Cycle Computer isn’t within your current means, you should know the Dura-Ace Power Meter Crankset can easily pair with ANT+ compatible cycle computers such as a Garmin, and can display power measurements that are available on the ANT+ computer being used. However, to get the full range of real time data including force vectors and torque vectors, as well as the powerful cloud-based post-ride analysis tool Cyclo-Sphere, a Pioneer Cycle Computer is a definite must.

All geekiness aside, the Pioneer Power Meter is forged to hold its own in the most unforgiving conditions. You’ll be glad to know that it was put to the test with pro riders over a long and strenuous race season of drilling it through rain, snow, cobbles, mud and up some of the steepest mountain roads. It’s lightweight, fully-integrated compact design adds but a mere 64 grams to your crank, making this the lightest power meter cranksets on the market, weighing in at a scant 707 grams. It can measure up to 2,150 Watts at 120 RPM, and is accurate to within +/- 2%. Should you relocate or vacation to a new location, the Power Meter is effortlessly adjusted to varying temperatures and elevations.



  • Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Crankset
  • Dual Strain Gauges
  • Applied to both left and right pedal arms
  • Measures pedaling force, direction and efficiency
  • ANT+ ™ wireless communication
  • Dual Accelerometers per crank arm
  • High accuracy thermal and voltage compensation
  • Dual Mode System Configuration
  • Power Meter Mode compatible with non-Pioneer ANT+ cycle computers
  • Pedaling Monitor Mode for Pioneer SGX-CA900 & 500
  • Dealer Replicable Batteries (CR2032 x 2) with 180 Hour Battery Life
  • Resistant to oil and road conditions
  • Solid-Mount Transmitter
  • No-Bottom Bracket Attachments
  • Wide Frame Coverage


  • Crank Arm Length Options: 172.5/175mm
  • Chainring Configuration: Standard 53/39T
  • Accuracy: +/- 2%
  • Arm Material: Aluminum
  • Spindle Material: Aluminum
  • BB Type: Shimano Dura-Ace SM-BB9000
  • BB Threading: English
  • Battery Life: 200 Hr. battery life
  • Max Watt Measurement: up to 2150 Watt @ 120 RPM
  • Water Resistance Rating: IPX6
  • System Weight: 707g / 1.55lbs
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

Compatible After Ride Analysis Applications

  • Cyclo-Sphere
  • FIT File Converter
  • Strava AutoForward
  • TrainingPeaks® Auto Forward
  • TrainingPeaks WKO+®
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