Broam 60

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Meet the Broam, the most capable road bike ever. It’s an all-purpose, drop-bar beast, one equally at home on pavement, dirt trails, and gravel roads. Dual-wheel compatibility? Check. Mounts for racks and fenders? Check. A comfortable ride quality for all-day pedaling? Check. It’s everything you want in a road bike, and then some. Just make sure to bring along your sense of adventure.

 Buy it if:
You’re looking for the most capable drop-bar bike on the planet, one that doesn’t shy away from fast group rides nor all-day excursions in the saddle, nor whether adventure takes you on the road or the gravel.

 Don’t buy it if:
You want the latest fancy drivetrain technology—You should check out the Broam | 30, which features Shimano’s new GRX groupset. Or, if you’re looking for a gravel bike with more aggressive geometry, check out the Breed series.


  •     Dual-wheel compatibility (650b and 700c)
  •     Massive tire clearance for all road and trail surface types
  •     Sleek storage solutions, and rack- and fender-ready

 Upgrades over Breed | 30:

  •     More upright riding position
  •     More relaxed geometry and more stable ride quality


For as long as people have been riding bikes, there have been people riding bikes over long distances, traveling across the land, and experiencing the unique perspective that only pedaling can provide. That long heralded mystique of bike touring thrives today in the form of the Broam


The Broam frame is built around a good old fashioned BSA threaded bottom bracket, making for easy maintenance and a creak-free ride. The Broam was designed to work flawlessly with two different wheel sizes: the traditional 700c wheels found on most regular road bikes and the slightly smaller 650b wheel size prized by mountain bikers looking for that magic combination of incredible traction and agile steering. In order to produce the best riding experience possible on any surface, the Broam can accept up to a 45mm-wide tire on 700c wheels, or up to 2.0-inch tires on 650b wheels.


The Broam is a jack of all trades, yet it is also a master of nearly every type of drop-bar riding. Racers seeking the lightest and fastest carbon wonder bike should check out our Performance category of models, but for everyone else, the Broam is an incredible steed that offers phenomenal value. It sports a smooth, stable ride quality that can be enjoyed all day long, and it’s decked out with enough options to help carry all of your gear for whatever adventure you have in mind. Whether that’s an all-day spin on tarmac, a rough and tumble gravel grinder, or even a multi-day bikepacking trip to parts unknown, the Broam is ready.

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