Edge 1030 Plus

The Edge 1030 Plus is very similar to the existing top-of-the range model, the Edge 1030, albeit with a handful of new features.

Unlike the Edge 1030, the Plus comes pre-loaded with Garmin Cycle Maps, offering “wider coverage than ever before across the United States and Europe”. Other region maps are available for free download through Garmin Express. The 1030 Plus now offers 32 gb of storage space — double what its predecessor had. There’s also a new processor which, according to Garmin, is twice as fast as on the Edge 1030.

Battery life is now a claimed 24 hours while running many power-intensive features, and up to 48 hours with many of those features turned off. It’s quite a step up from the Edge 1030 which offered “up to 20 hours”. For those wanting to go further, the optional add-on charging pack (same as what the Edge 1030 offered) will double that capacity.

The touchscreen has been updated and comes across from the Edge 830, albeit in a larger size.

If you’re a long-time Garmin user, the new auto-setup feature might save you some time. This feature allows you to import your preferences, settings and sensor connection details from previous Garmin Edge devices (with exception of early models, such as the Edge 500).

Another new feature is Daily Suggested Workout which, as you might guess, suggests a workout for the day based on your recent training load.

There are some updates to the Edge 1030’s routing and mapping functionality too. If you stray from a course you were following, new re-routing options will allow you to return to that original course, or adjust the path to get you back on course. You can now also pause a course you’re on, allowing you to head off wherever you like for a while, before returning to your route.

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