Farley 9.6 2021

We have more units on backorder and the ETA is November 2021

Now with dropper post and cool blue smoke color

Farley 9.6 is a carbon fat bike built for speed on any surface. The lightweight carbon frame, rigid carbon fork, and top-notch 1x drivetrain make it great for mountain bikers who prioritize performance in a fat bike. If you're ready to go hard through every season and love fat biking in every form, this whip's for you.

2021 Trek Farley 9.6. The ultimate Carbon Fat Bike. Built for speed over loose surfaces. A rigid fork, a lightweight carbon frame and a top notch 1X drive train makes it great for mountain bikers who prioritize performance through every season.

If you're ready to go hard through every season or fancy an epic adventure then the Trek Farley 9.6 is for you. This fat bike is light, agile, fast and built to rip. The ideal winter shred sled for big epic adventures, racers looking to train outside year round and anyone who values the performance advantage of carbon.

With a lightweight carbon frame and fork this bike won't be bogged down by foul weather, deep snow or gnarly terrain. Plus, the stability and traction of super wide tyres make you a more confident rider on any trail, terrain and surface.

Horizontal sliding dropouts allow you to fine tune your geometry, maximising comfort. Run it long for stability or shorter for more nimbler handling. A dropper post lets you lower you saddle on the fly so it's out of the way on descents and cornering.

The Rapid Drive 108 Rear Hub: Offers 108 points of engagement, Rapid Drive gives you nearly instant acceleration instead of a clunky lag when you step on the pedals. You get smooth, immediate power to blast out of corners and hammer through the rough stuff. And that extra pedal ratchet adds control that can make all the difference when tackling a tricky climb.

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