Catlike Chrono Aero Plus

Airflow and speed combined.

Even though it's styled with aerodynamics as its first priority, the Chrono Aero Plus Helmet uses Catlike's Dual Flow technology in order to keep your head cool while you race against the clock. It's a fairly straightforward design -- cool air flows into two wind tunnel shaped ports in the front, through channels inside the structure of the helmet, over your head, and finally out the exhaust ports at the tail of the helmet. It's an intuitive system that works to keep you comfortable, while at the same time reducing drag. Which, if you've ever raced in the summertime, is something that you know many other aerodynamic helmets just can't compete with.

A special focus was also placed on the overall fit of the helmet. However, this is easier said than done. After all, time trial tends to favor efficiency over comfort, making the marriage between helmet positioning and a comfortable fit nearly forbidden. Not surprisingly, though, Catlike persevered. Specifically, the portion that covers the ears is molded to fit right against your head. Catlike uses open cell foam, like what you'd find on ski goggles, to pad the flaps against your ears. Additionally, you'll find that this ear-portion of the helmet is quite malleable, allowing the helmet to adapt more comfortably to your TT position. The Chrono Aero incorporates a molded underbelly that curves nicely around the back of your head, which makes the helmet look like the underside of an F1 race car. In fact, it covers the entire rearward portion of the bottom of the helmet's tail, save for a triangular exhaust port at the very back.

In our minds, these features give the Chrono a custom feel, which is something that Catlike prides itself on giving to its riders. And that 'custom' fit and feel translates into a slicker, faster helmet. And speaking of fit, the wheel retention system is quick and simple to use, even with one hand.

The Catlike Chrono Aero Plus Helmet is available in one size that fits most.

[shell] polycarbonate, [impact protection] polystyrene foam
Fit Adjustment:
adjustment wheel
Actual Weight:
Black/White, One Size: 490g
Recommended Use:
time trial and triathlon

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