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CAAD 8 Claris

CAAD 8 Claris

By Cannondale

was $899.99
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Excellent price for a new road bike.

Legendary DNA. Exceptional performance.

With someone's all-important first road bike purchase, it's the details that determine whether it gets ridden regularly or hung in the garage. With its lightest-in-class frame, more forgiving Heads-Up Race geometry, CAAD10-derived tubeshapes and unmistakable Cannondale ride-feel, the CAAD8 is designed to turn people into cyclists.


  • Incredible level of race performance for an entry level road bike.
  • Racy handling, but with a comfortable riding position.
  • Cannondale Aluminum crafting and CAAD10 DNA put it in a class of its own.

rider profile:

Fast group rides. Lycra. The first crit. This is the bike for people who've been inspired by the peloton and are ready to start being a "cyclist".

Heads-Up Race Geometry
The CAAD8 shares the proven race geometry of its more expensive brethren but with a slightly taller head tube (+1.5cm) for a more relaxed riding position.

  • SAVE Stays
    Optimized chain stay and seat stay shaping provides lateral rigidity while providing vertical compliance for bump absorption and comfort with no loss in power transfer.
  • Smooth Welds
    A true smooth weld, rather than the sand, putty, and paint “smooth welds” found on other bikes, Cannondale’s trademark double-pass smooth weld technology eliminates the stress-risers and weak points found on traditionally welded frames, enabling us to build lighter, stronger frames.
  • Asymmetric Chain Stays
    Just like on our premium race bikes, we oversize and reshape the driveside chain stay to better handle the loads from the drivetrain, while keeping the non-drive stay svelte for weight savings.
  • Externally Machined Head Tube
    A technique Cannondale has used for years, excess material is precisely machined out of the low stress areas of the head tube, saving significant weight with no loss of strength.
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