Bordo Combo Lite 6150

Light and compact
The Abus Bordo Combo Lite 6150 is a compact folding lock. When the lock is completely unfolded, it has a length of 85 cm. This allows you to use the lock to attach your bike to a fixed object, such as a tree or lamppost. This way you make the theft risk as small as possible!

This handy folding lock is made of light material and a special steel alloy, which ensures that lock is strong, but also remains flexible when folded. The Combo Lite 6150 is equipped with a handy bag, so you can easily take the lock with you.

Abus Bordo Combo Lite 6150 can be used as a bicycle lock in places with a moderate risk of theft. Unlike many other folding locks, no key is required for this lock. This lock works by means of a combination lock. You can therefore open and close your lock by means of a unique four-digit code, which you can choose yourself. This allows you to choose a number combination that is easy to remember, such as your PIN or date of birth, as a code.

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