Bike Travel Case

SOLD OUT, BUT WE have one box FOR rent $100 per week.

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Best selling bike case in Europe. Suitable for racing bikes and mountain bikes . Trapezoid shell case made of strike-proof ABS material, blue material.Established in 1983, B&W have built a strong reputation as a specialist case manufacturer for a number of applications, including bicycle boxes and bags. Traveling with your bike can sometimes be a problem with baggage handlers not realizing the fragility and sometimes expense of your beloved bike.B&W's Touring bike box is manufactured from ABS plastic with thick foam padding on the inside to absorb shocks and prevent damage when in transit.Two padded wheel bags and a foam protection block for the chainset are also provided which proved to be excellent at stopping any internal damage. On first inspection the box appears small (at just 1180mm long x 850mm high x 275mm wide), which means it fits nicely into most saloon or hatchback vehicles. Removing the handlebars, seatpost and rear derailleur, a 56cm road bike went straight in with no problems on fit.Double straps hold the frame in place inside the box whilst wheels sit nicely on top keeping everything together. Overall design and manufacturing quality is superb, with rollers at each corner, two handles and four integrated locks. It's also nice to see that an external strap has been added from the original design to provide a bike case that really does give you the confidence to travel without the worry of damaging your bike. 

5/5 from!! 

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 - Weekly rental also available

- Extremely solid surrounding aluminum frame and plastic protection for the edges

- Four lockable clasps and three hinges

- Four light casters with reinforced axles

- Double shell thickness in the roller area

- Extra pilot handle for comfortable handling

- Both case shells are lined with cushioned foam

- Two length-adjustable packing straps per case shell

- Foam material cushion for the sprocket wheel

- The wheel bags

-Foam material cushion for the chain sheet

- Identification card holder

- Two inside locations for wheel guard, toe clips and small parts

Description: Trapezoid Blue case for bike with W-G

Weight: 12,15 kg

Inside dim. : 46,06" x 33,07" x 10,24"

Outside dim.: 46,46" x 33,46" x 10,82"

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