Argotal MTB Tire

Grip to push your limits.

Ideal tire for loose terrain, with cornering stability and increased side-grip. The open tread pattern allows for self-cleaning so you can push your riding limits through dust and loam.

Featuring an Endurance compound, this mountain bike (MTB) tyre provides an excellent balance of grip and endurance for tackling loose terrains on your ride. With the Endurance compound, a high durability in combination with good rolling resistance and grip is achieved. This makes it a compound choice for trail riding or as an endurance-focused compound for electric mountain bike (E-MTBs).

Continental has also kitted out this model with supported in-line shoulder studs with a supportive structure for high stability, even when cornering aggressively. This allows you to benefit from a high-level mechanical grip, especially in loose soils and terrain conditions. Another highlight is its open tread pattern design for the perfect interaction on loose surfaces and good self-cleaning in moist and wet conditions. Its pronounced studs are also equipped with steep ramps in order to generate mechanical grip through a pattern-soil interaction. As a result, you'll notice its exceptional grip on loose and mixed surfaces.

MTB Tyre with Trail Casing

This MTB tyre comes kitted out with a Trail Casing, which offers comparable performance to the Enduro Casing and is tailored for trail use cases and it includes a PT layer. Another highlight is its tubeless ready technology, which allows you to benefit from tubeless advantages such as the ability to run lower tyre pressures for increased comfort, stability and fewer risks of flats or punctures.

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