Monteer 3500S Front Light

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Magicshine Monteer 3500S Nebula MTB headlight is the entry level model in the Monteer series(5000, 6500, 8000 versions,) 3500 lumens of max verified output, weatherproof, USB battery and variable beam pattern makes this light one of the best mountain bike lights on the market.

  • 1800 lumen max flood beam from the top 3 LEDs with 32 degrees spread, 1400 lumen max spot beam from the bottom 2 LEDs with 21 degree spread. Beam pattern on full beam mode is optimzied for any kind of mountain trail, anything and everything in your path will be plain as day, allowing the rider to go full throttle. The Montee 3500S MTB headlight is well suited for Enduro, off-road, back country cycling.
  • The entire outer casing for Monteer 3500S MTB headlight is well built with high quality materials, and aviation grade aluminum alloy for heat sink, IP65 weatherproof. Heat transfer and dissipation rates are optimized through material choice,  internal thermal managmenet system and heat fins that cover most of the outer body.
  • USB rechargeable 5200mAh battery pack can also act as a temporary, emergency power bank for your mobile devices(5V/2A.) Micro-USB rechargeable. On a full charge, the Monteer 3500S is able to be sustained at its max brightness setting for up to 1:42 hours. Back lit control button wills show green when the battery power is above 20%, red between 5-20% remaining and flashing red at less than 5% remaining. Note: The light’s intensity mode will lock into the lowest setting when the power is 5% or less.
  • Garmin compatible handlebar mount is very durable and light weight, comes default with 3 lengths straps, with support for Aero bars. For a more durable version of the handlebar we recommend the MJ-6272 aluminim out front mount or the TTA out front mount. Helmet mounting option will require MJ-6275 extension cable and Garmin compatible helmet mount.

The Monteer 3500S MTB headlight is ideal for any aspiring MTB rider who wishes to test out the waters with the one of the best performing lights on the market.

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