Roscoe 6

Dropper post big tires and an air shock!

Roscoe 6 is the ideal gateway to mountain biking for new riders looking to have a fun time on the trail. It has plus-sized tires that inspire confidence by keeping you stable, a suspension fork that soaks up the big bumps and roots, an easy-to-use 1x drivetrain, and touch points that can provide a better fit and feel from the start.

This bike slaps!

You know there are good times to be had on the trail, and you want to be part of them! You're looking for an easy entry to the sport of mountain biking on a bike that will keep you excited and motivated to get out there day after day.

With a 140 mm air spring fork that absorbs large bumps and roots, a simple-to-use Shimano CUES single-plate transmission and a play frame geometry that simplifies the mastery of the bicycle on technical trails and winding singletracks.

This suits you if...
You know that trails can be a long time and you want to be. You want to discover mountain biking on a bike that will be able to maintain your passion and motivation day in and day out.

Proposed technologies
A strong aluminium frame, high-speed 29-inch wheels (27.5 on the XS) with wide gripping tires and a 140 mm Suntour SR fork. It has a 9-speed Shimano CUES transmission adapted to trails with a wide range of rib ratios, hydraulic disc brakes and a telescopic saddle post for a better leading position in the uneven trails.

The last word
The Roscoe 6 will be your new best friend on the trail. He is patient, playful, and inspires confidence. The important thing is to take a bike, to have fun on the paths and paths, and to indulge in this beautiful sport that is mountain biking.

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