NL Flag Jersey

New flag design

The current provincial flag bears some similarity to the Union Jack.

The white is for snow and ice, blue for the sea, red for human effort, and yellow for self-confidence. The blue areas suggest the importance of British heritage, while red and yellow in the shape of a "golden arrow" stand for the future.

The flag is pretty awesome.

Buy this jersey and you will have super newfie powers to pedal your bike even faster. Just kidding it will not make you faster but you will look good riding your bike.

  •  PRO FIT Cut
  •  Anatomic fit
  •  Micro-Airdry
  •  ESP Mesh front and side panel
  •  9 inches(23 cm) zip
  •  Elastic at bottom and sleeves
  •  3 back pockets.
  •  Sizes XS-XXL


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