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New Bikes Never "Felt" so Good

Posted on March 01, 2013

    For the longest time Trek, Specialized, and Cannondale have been our main sellers.  Now we are trying something new this year.We are pleased to announce that a shipment of Felt time trial/triathlon bikes have been received and are just sitting here waiting to be bought and ridden hard.  This means you!




    If you ever wanted a bike but only wanted the fastest human powered transportation available then you are in luck!  Time trial/triathlon bikes are the fastest bikes money can buy.  Just look at those pictures; those things look lightening fast standing still.

     The Felt B16 is the main bike we stock and the real home run within the Felt bike line coming in at only $1999 with shimano Ultegra parts!, but we can get in just about any model you're in the mood for; like the ever popular B12.  If you want to five up the Jones' then get Felt's flagship, the Da1.  That thing is crazy.  



behold the glory of Felt's bikes.


The B12 Only $2999

The B16 only $1999!

Drop by the shop to check them out or take one for a spin if the weather ever gets better...

tl;dr If this thief had a felt TT bike he would have gotten away from the 5-0

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