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Brace yourselves... winter is coming.

Posted on November 21, 2012



     Our buddy Patrick from Norco had some enlightening thoughts on trainers, so I'm just going to let him cover the upcoming trainer season.

Good afternoon everyone!

    Trainer season is just getting underway in most parts of the country and assuming global warming doesn’t roll out a repeat of last year, some bad weather should be just around the corner….PERFECT!

    Training indoors is a perfect alternative for those customers who want to exercise in the comfort of their own home and want to avoid bad weather and traffic that can put a damper on winter fitness. For those of you who are just dabbling into the trainer game or are seasoned vets and are keen to expand your trainer sales, here are a few key selling features on Kinetic indoor trainers that should hopefully help you move them off the floor and into customers arms.

    Kinetic trainers have the best warranty in the business (unconditional lifetime). Your trainer purchase is an investment that should last as long as you do.

·         The Rock and Roll trainer is in a class of its own. No other company has anything like it so if you don’t carry the Kinetic brand, this trainer can compliment your lineup regardless.

·         Kinetic trainers have the largest flywheel in the industry. Mimicking real road riding is what is going to keep people enjoying their indoor riding, the larger flywheel combined with the optional pro plate makes for the most accurate road like feel on the market.

·         It is IMPOSSIBLE for Kinetic fluid chambers to leak. Unlike other models where the drive shaft penetrates the fluid chamber and depends on an O-ring, Kinetic trainers provide the best resistance 100% leak-free by using neodymium magnets that link the drive system together. This eliminates the dependence on O-rings and traditional seals that can wear out after lots of use.

·         Kinetic trainers have the lowest operating temperature. Build strong with 80 cast aluminum cooling fins, The energy of the spinning propeller will be less inclined to transform into heat, which can result in potential flats and wearing out of tires.

·         Unlike other fluid trainers on the market, Kinetic trainers use a thermodynamically neutral silicon based fluid that provides a consistent, repeatable workload even when you are upping your game and throwing down intervals throughout the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.

·         Kinetic trainers provide the BEST stability in the game, hands down. They provide a bigger footprint and better functional design than any competitor so that even during hard workouts, your trainer will remain rock solid.

    Here is Kinetic's sales pitch for the fluid trainers and why they're so realistic:
“When the rear wheel spins on a fluid trainer, an impeller rotates through liquid to create resistance. Since Hydrodynamics and aerodynamics have similar properties, this resistance automatically increases with speed. The result is a smoother, quieter, more road-like experience. This is critical for any indoor cyclist, for the faster you pedal, the harder the workload gets, just like an outdoor tide. Trainers with automatically adjusting workloads enable any rider to accurately measure their workloads because the workloads are repeatable from day to day.”

    Here are a few links to an awesome video done by Kinetic that showcases the world class Telenet-Fidea Cyclocross team using the Rock and Roll trainer, it also shows off some pretty great looking Ridley bikes and Lazer helmets at the same time J. I’ve also included the Kurt Kinetic FAQ page for any trouble shooting questions you might have.



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