Life is short. Ride your bike. 



 Canary Cycles

We are a group of cyclists who do our best to ride as regularly as possible and promote cycling within the community. Our cycling interests vary as we are commuters, trail riders, road cyclists and pseudo-randonneurs who enjoy adventures on the pavé. Cycling is our pastime and our passion.



Our Strava Team

By team, we really just mean our employees and close friends. We are all fans of cycling and simply enjoy riding our bikes. The free Strava service (Strava—a Swedish word that translates to 'strive') is a great way to track you miles and routes, Strava is where cycling meets wizard like technology. Try it it's free!


If you like it you'll have access to all the goings on at our shop without having to leave your seat. Like our facebook page. What could be easier than that?

How it all began

Way back in 1972, Joe (owner), an avid road and cyclocross racer who raced in Europe and Quebec arrived in Newfoundland and fell in love with the terrain and character that this fine province had to offer. Upon discovering the lack of serious bicycle shops Joe decided to start up Canary Cycles as a hobby of sorts. The Business has grown ever since and so has cycling.  
A lot of people ask about how the name of our store came about, well when the store fist opened there were, in fact, canaries in the shop. While the canaries are long since gone, the name stayed.  Also Yellow is fast




The shop today

We continue to serve the needs of the evolving cycling community in Newfoundland and abroad. There is always a wide array of bicycles in stock as well as the accompanying accessories and apparel needed to outfit cyclists for whatever style of riding they wish to pursue. We have what is necessary if you're interested in riding with your family, attending group road rides, racing the local time-trials/triathlons, commuting in all weather conditions, exploring our province's beautiful trails, or anything else that you may wish to do on two wheels.




Yeah We ride bikes


Canary Cycles




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